45th Annual Boise Night Fire AA/FC Qualifying

After the first round of qualifying at the 45th Annual Night Fire Nationals, Kris Krabill and the Bardahl/Dayton Superior backed Northwest Hitter will be back Saturday looking for a spot in the top half of the field. Below are the results for AA/FC:

1. Cory Lee “California Hustler” 5.77
2. Tim Boychuk “Happy Hour” 5.81
3. Ryan Hodgson “Pacemaker” 5.82
4. Steven Densham “Teachers Pet” 5.83
5. Kris Krabill “Northwest Hitter” 5.85
6. Richard Townsend “Nitroholic” 6.10
7. Wally Giavia “G-Men” 6.21
8. Scott Stanger “Bad Manners” 8.18
9. Dan Horan “The Patriot” 15.38
10. Rice Brothers “Nitro Spud” NT

Qualifying continues on Saturday at 2:00 PM & 7:00 PM MST. Stay tuned for updated results after each qualifying session!

Visit www.firebirdonline.com to view the full weekend schedule and race results!


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