Krabill Sets Focus on “Funny Car Fever”

After another electrifying win in Boise and 6 weeks off, Kris Krabill and the Austin & O’Brien “Northwest Hitter” are ready to take on race number three of the NHRA Heritage Series. The Bardahl Oil/Dayton Superior sponsored AA/FC will be 1 of an expected 17 funny cars vying for a spot in the 8-car field. Rocky Mountain Raceways in Salt Lake City will be hosting “Funny Car Fever” on Friday and Saturday.

Krabill comes off of an impressive run so far this season, he has two wins on the books this season coming from the March Meet & Boise Ignitor. With a strong driving capability and a National Record Setting car, this is the team to beat. The “Northwest Hitter” team are coming into Salt Lake City with only one goal in mind- attempt to win 3 in a row.

The current AA/FC points standings for the Heritage Series are:

1. Kris Krabill 231
2. Dan Horan 172
3. Steven Densham 156
4. Cory Lee 110
5. Ryan Hodgson 109
6. Don Hudson 108
7. Richard Townsend 105
8. Matt Bynum 74
9. Wally Giavia 63
10.James Day 53

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If you are planning on coming, please come by the pit, say hello and grab an autograph from Kris! We look forward to seeing you out there!

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