Krabill Sits Third Going into the Ignitor

After a semi final finish at the 2015 Good Vibrations March Meet, Krabill sits third in points heading into the Napa Auto Parts Ignitor in Boise, ID.

Kris made 3 appearances in eliminations at the March Meet. First round, Kris lined up against former teammate and tuner, Cory Lee. Kris had a .071 advantage off of the line and ran a 5.854 to a losing 6.947. Round two, Kris took on Richard Townsend in the Nitroholic Camaro. Townsend qualified #3 with a 5.79. Kris went in deep resulting in a reaction time of .028 to Townsends .154. Kris took the win running a 5.887 to Townsends 5.988. In the semi’s Krabill was laddered up against Steven Densham, arguably the most consistent car in the class for the weekend. Krabill had a .144 advantage off of the starting line but could not surpass Denshams 5.715. It was a successful weekend, putting the Austin & O’Brien team in third place heading into the next race.

Kris is the reigning champion at the Napa Auto Parts Ignitor in Boise, ID, two years running (2013 & 2014). Krabill has had a strong start to the year and is very confident is his driving ability. Could 2015 be the year the Austin & O’Brien funny car? With huge support from Bardahl, Darton Sleeves, Bucky’s & Benchmark RV, it just may be.

Check back for results of the 2015 Napa Auto Parts Ignitor in Boise, ID, May 15-17,2015.

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